UAW to Partner with Detroit Public TV on Critical Educational Work

Union support to allow DPTV to expand its education and social justice programming and engagement during this crucial time in the life of Metro Detroit

The UAW has announced that it will partner with Detroit Public TV (DPTV) to advance DPTV’s programming on issues of vital importance to Southeast Michigan, with a special emphasis on education and racial justice.

The funding will allow DPTV to expand and enhance its award-winning content and community outreach in key subject areas at a crucial time in this community, which is confronted with overlapping health, social and economic crises.

“DPTV is an important community resource for education and workforce training in Detroit. The challenges of the past year over COVID-19 have demonstrated that the historic programming of DPTV is an invaluable resource for our families – from early childhood education, to in-classroom resources to the national oldest African-American experience programming,” said Rory L. Gamble, UAW International President. “This investment in DPTV is a direct investment in the people of our community when it is needed most.”

“We are proud to partner with the UAW to provide our community with essential news and information during this most challenging period,” said Rich Homberg, President and CEO of DPTV. “We all know the historical role of the union, not only in building the economic underpinnings of the American middle class, but in its leading advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of society.

“This funding will enable us to be of even greater service to the people of our community as they strive to navigate the pandemic and protect their families.”

The UAW’s partnership underwriting will permit DPTV to deepen its collaboration with educators and parents to provide at-home and in-classroom resources for teachers and families to ensure that all children receive the education they deserve. DPTV is set to launch the statewide Michigan Learning Channel, providing instructional content for families, students and educators.

In addition, One Detroit – DPTV’s local journalism initiative – will broaden its coverage of issues related to education policy, from school funding to workforce development.

DPTV has been nationally recognized for its work in early childhood education programs, both on air and in the community. Last year it was the recipient of the Michigan Governor’s Service Award as an Education Service Leader.

The UAW funding will also support DPTV’s “American Black Journal,” at 51 years old the nation’s longest running public affairs program dedicated to the African American experience. This perspective is now more important than ever, as the nation and the local community come to grips with a legacy of racial intolerance and injustice.